Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sunrise in London in February

I was up in time to catch the sunrise this morning, 21 Feb 2018. It was a misty morning and I took the photos through double glazing. First photo 07.10, last photo 07.20 :

Friday, February 9, 2018

Kitzbuhel to Zell am See

Driving from Kitzbuhel to Zell am See takes you through some very scenic areas,

 Going over the Thurn Pass

The town of Mittersill in the next valley

Our next stop was Zell am See. Lake Zell is 68 m deep and surprisingly didn't freeze over this winter

 Snow being removed from outside the casino -

We left Zell am See as the sun was setting

Kitzbuhel in Austrian Tyrol

Kitzbuhel is one of the best known ski resorts in Austria. The town is medieval. I visited Kitzbuhel in 1973 and again in 1983, but didn't remember anything of it when I was back in 2018.  Kitzbuhel is in the Kitzbühel Alps along the river Kitzbuhler Ache

We parked just outside the town and it was a snowy walk in -

Horse and carriage rides around the town -

Churches from the other side -

 Narrow road bridge

The shops are quite up-market catering to a richer clientele

Bank of Austria and a private bank -

The streets are all clear of snow as it has been pushed to the side

A break from wandering around the town -

One ski area -