Monday, October 21, 2013

Destruction opposite my condo 4

I went out for 2 hours, got home and was horrified to see the last 2 trees in front of  my condo had been cut down whilst I was out. They were both healthy trees and close to the edge of the area, so why did they need to destroy them.

The view this morning

 and the view when I came home
The red arrows show the trees lying on the ground

The tree closest to me had a large nest in it. So some poor bird will come home this evening and find not only his house gone but also his neighbourhood. The nest is circled in pink -

Within a very short time the JCB had chopped and shoveled up the trees and shoved them to one side. Such a sad end to such nice trees.

On 8 Oct I blogged about the tearing down of the other trees and how the digger got well and truly bogged down in the mud and water. This digger was left for a couple of days, then on 10 Oct a monster digger arrived to dig out the one that was stuck. It took most of the day and I videoed a lot of it.

After the stuck digger was freed, it then spent a lot of time try to clear the ponds. Since work started on the site one large pond appeared and then later a couple of smaller ones. In Oct there was a lot of rain and the water ran straight out of the trees at the top of the hill, down the bare earth of the site and collected in these ponds. A brown river then ran off down the hill to join the river by the road. As I type this the digger is filling in the smaller ponds, but I wonder how effective it will be.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

KLCC Twin Towers glow pink

On the nights of 18th and 19th October 2013, KL's Twin Towers turned pink.

The pink represents breast cancer awareness and the towers are lit in the signature pink of Estee Lauder as they are promoting the annual global breast cancer awareness campaign.

Estee Lauder Malaysia and PETRONAS teamed up to support the campaign, along with Suria KLCC.

The towers were lit up for the 2 nights, but the KLCC Lake Sym­phony Fountain will be illuminated in pink until the end of the month. Normally the towers are lit with white light at night.

I don't have a tripod so it is impossible to take good photos at night

Chemor railway station demolished

In Sept 2011 I blogged about Chemor railway station and mentioned that it might be shutting down. Not only did it close but it was also demolished less than one year later. Another piece of Perak's history gone.

I purposefully went to take some photos two years later in Sept 2013. The approach to the station in 2011 and then in 2013 -

and the station is now empty land -

Even the old house by the station has been abandoned -
 Above and below the 2011 view
 and 2013 it is fenced off and the vegetation is taking over

This house the other side of the lane is still occupied -

© Liz Price
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A rubber shop in Lenggong, Perak

As we were driving through Lenggong in Sept, we saw some rubber spread out on the pavement to dry. So we decided to have a look.

 The friendly owner (on the left of the photo) invited us in to his place to have a look around

licence to buy rubber and weighing scales

Waiting to receive the money (terima wang)!!

multilingual no smoking sign

old light on pulley
dried rubber

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Boys playing at the Perak River

After a day spent visiting various archaeological and cave sites in Lenggong, Perak (Malaysia) we had a slow drive through the kampungs. We found ourselves at the bank of the mighty Sg Perak at Labit, just north of Lenggong.
Hong lost in thought

A group of young Malay boys were having fun jumping into the river and playing around. They seemed fearless and weren't concerned about currents. It looked as if the river was flowing rather fast.

When they realised they had an appreciative audience they increased their antics.

After a while, Colum the Irishman decided he wanted to join in the fun. So having plucked up the courage he gave Hong a quick lesson in how to use the camera on his mini ipad -

whilst I was photographing the tree canopy -

Colum got into the river and swam around close to the bank

He then decided to copy the boys and do a runner! I was a bit slow with the shutter on the first photo and he looks as if he is coming up out of the water!!

Across the river were some beautiful cloud formations
A beautiful ending to a great day. We then headed into Lenggong town for a drink and snacks before later having dinner in the duck restaurant in Sg Siput. 23 Sept 2013.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Destruction opposite my condo 3

In June 2013 I blogged about the destruction of the green forest opposite my condo. I did 2 blogs,  part 1 and part 2.

Since then progress has been slow. Nothing really happened apart from some more blue fencing, lots of signs on the road, and a shelter for the workers was constructed.

21 Sept 2013 I was awoken by a large tree falling across the road in front of my condo. Pedestrians and bicycles could get over it. DBKL came quite quickly and removed it.

The next week I went away for 10 days and when I came back, they were cutting the remaining trees in front of my condo on the land for the HIV home.
The trees being cut are those I've circled in red.
The next day the nice tree on the left came down - this was the one that was covered in epiphytes and was so green
All the trees gone from the front.

However Mother Nature had some small revenge as that day the JCB became bogged down and sank in the liquid mud


I just hope they can recover the JCB without destroying any more trees.



Two more trees were cut down on 21 Oct. And the digger was dug out.