Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bee keepers

There are about 10 bee hives in front of my window, in the allotments in London. The bee keepers come almost daily to check on the hives - they look like aliens in the suits!!!

Fox burying a dead bird

A few days after I took a video of a fox eating sausages, I heard a crow making a lot of noise. I looked out and at first saw nothing, then caught sight of the crow on the ground and it was cawing at a fox. The fox was just in the process of picking up a dead bird and running off with it. I managed to get one photo

The bird is quite large so I wonder if it was a youngish crow.

The fox went through to the next garden and I realised it was burying, or at least hiding, the bird at the base of a small apple tree

Unfortunately I got the video going rather late (and also on the wrong setting!)

Sometime later I saw the fox again, this time it was rolling on its back in the place where it had picked up the dead bird.

© Liz Price
No reproduction without permission

Fox eating sausages

There are lots of foxes in London. They are opportunists and are getting more tame. I posted an album of some London foxes in 2009.

Whilst staying in London more recently I noticed that someone on the first floor was throwing food out to a fox in the evenings and it would be waiting and looking. Once when I looked out I saw it eating sausages, and then it picked one up and ran off with it, maybe taking it back home to it mate or cubs.

This video was taken using zoom, so it not very sharp.
A few days later I took a video of a fox burying a dead bird.                                                  
© Liz Price                                                                                                                               
No reproduction without permission                                                                                      

Grey squirrel alarm call

I regularly see grey squirrels in London gardens. I took some photos of one that was making what sounded like an alarm call, although it didn't seem particularly worried by anything.

This is the video -

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Full moon over London Aug 2013

The moon was full on 20 August 2013 and looked quite spectacular in London. Unfortunately a small digital camera doesn't do it justice.

Grey squirrel

The grey squirrel is a common site in England. It is more common than the native British red squirrel. The grey was introduced from America. This one sits on the fence below my window in London.

long nails

 ready to box!
 snack time