Friday, May 3, 2013

Tourism Malaysia office in London

I was in Trafalgar Square in London on a beautifully sunny afternoon on 2 May 2013. Tourism Malaysia office occupies a prime location right on the square.

My last visit was 5 May 2010, exactly 3 years ago. Not much has changed. The yellow signs at the top of the windows are now blue. However the windows are still totally blank.

 As the windows are empty, they act as mirrors, so this one shows a London bus and Nelson's column and the next one is without the bus

 At least in 2009 were there posters in the windows

When I visited in 2010 the windows were whitewashed as there were renovations.

 Entrance with 'lion' door handles. The door is kept locked and you have to ring the bell

I went inside and it was rather unexciting, just one long set of shelves with brochures. Nothing else except a few toy orang utans in a front corner. The man at the desk seemed surprised to have a visitor and told me it was the Tourism Malaysia office in a tone of voice that suggested I'd gone to the wrong place. He wasn't very forthcoming!

My 2010 blog also explains how Tourism Malaysia can afford to occupy such a prime spot in the heart of London.

In Nov 2008 I had a letter published in the Star about the dull tourism office and the Star Weekend section in Dec.

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