Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maliau Basin

Giluk Falls

Maliau Basin is the Lost World of Sabah. I went there in Oct 2006 in the middle of the awful haze that enveloped the country so many of the photos are spoilt by the hazy conditions. In fact it was so bad that Tawau airport was closed for a day or two.

Maliau is an amazing place, totally unspoilt - although sadly loggers and poachers are encroaching right up to all the boundaries.

The Basin is a huge bowl, bigger in area than Singapore, and was only explored for the first time in the 1980s. The sheer sides of the basin have kept it a secret place. Now it is designated a Conservation Area along with Danum Valley to the east.

The road from Tawau -

 We had to walk from here as the car couldn't get up the final slope
We saw a Maliau bigfoot !
 who dropped this?

 long legged centipede
my muddy foot

We started trekking -
Ginseng Camp
 Loba camp
making the beds............and the beds are ready........

hazy view of the basin

 tannin coloured stream

Camel Trophy camp
 observation tower , Agathis

agathis resin

Giluk Falls -

natural tannins

It's a steep climb to Takob Akob -
Takob Akob -

 Leaving Takob Akob
pig, a night visitor to Agathis

 snake -

leeched !

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