Thursday, March 28, 2013

Falim House, Ipoh after the estate destruction

See previous blog for photos of the Falim House estate before it was demolished for development.

By March 2013 this was the view from the main road
 and from inside looking to the main road

The house now stands in isolated splendour. It has been painted and does look rather grand. Though it is a shame there is not a single tree remaining.

 View from main road -

The porte corchere

 Old Ford

Looking at what was once the estate gardens and orchards, with the railway line in the background -

The end of an era.

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Falim House, Ipoh before the estate destruction

I have been past Falim House a few times but never took any notice of it and had not taken any photos. It is a large house located in Falim, just outside Ipoh in Perak. It is off Jln Lahat. It was built for the tin tycoon, Foo Nyit Tse in the 1920s and has 20 rooms. It is set in 26 acres of estate. See history on Save Falim House.

I was able to take a few photos on 26 Nov 2012. There is a driving school at the northern end and a pond. Then there is a row of workers' quarters before the main house, as seen here from the road -

 Stone gate posts

It was not easy to get a good view from the road as the trees were rather dense.

By early 2013, the whole estate surrounding the house had been demolished, leaving the house standing alone. Every single tree had been felled. The house was turned into a sales gallery for the Tin City commercial development. This will be a township of 2 - 4 storey shop lots, and phase 2 will be a condo. The artist impressions were all rather garish in contrast with the splendour of the old house.

See next blog for photos of the development.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another old Ipoh house demolished

At the corner of Jln Sultan Azlan Shah and Jln Gopeng (Rajah Dr. Nazrin Shah) there used to be a fine old colonial house with a porte cochere. By 2004, maybe earlier, it had been converted into a swiftlet house.

I was shocked when I went past in March 2013 and the house had gone. It was just empty land.

These are Google Earth images from 2002 and Nov 2012

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

F1 prices

Malaysia has the cheapest seats of the whole F1.

See this BBC report .

British Grand Prix one of the most expensive F1 races

F1 2013

It's F1 time again. March 22-24 2013.

 I've never been to a practice session on the Friday and I didn't intend to go this year, but when I read in the Star on Fri morning that there was free entry for Friday, I decided to go. Car parking was also free. However I decided to take the shuttle bus from KL Sentral, which was RM30.

The bus took quite a long route, using the N-S highway as far as the Nilai memorial park then turning off to KLIA. And as we approached Sepang the driver was phoning someone for directions. Even when we arrived he still took the wrong entrance to the car park!

I was surprised at how few people there were, although I know that Fri is  never that busy. I managed to avoid the bag search and having my water bottles confiscated. That saved me having to buy water at RM5. Food is expensive at the F1, set meals of "fast food" are RM25, in the restaurant its about RM70.

There seemed to be less entertainment this year. The Segway wasn't there, nor the zorb balls. There was a rock climbing wall and another something I don't know the name of where a person is strapped in and then catapulted to the top

I walked through the Tourism Malaysia pavilion which was advertising Visit Malaysia 2014. It was all rather pathetic with a tacky display of Mulu

and a Malacca trishaw, a racing car and a teddy bear sat on the floor!
The Petronas display celebrated their 15th anniversary of F1 cars -

As seating was free today, I was able to try out all the "posh" expensive seats. Could look across at the pit building and at the winners podium. I've only been here once before in 2004 when the area was opened to the public after a Sat session. I was surprised the pits didn't have the drivers names up, or maybe it was just too early in the weekend.
2004 view with the names -

Looking towards K stand

Force India team getting ready (above) and looking across the area -

 It's good to see the stands are no smoking areas

The famous red lights, and the podium before and after

Pushing the Mercedes car to the pit
Red Bull making final preparations and being photographed then coming out

The second practice session started dead on 2pm. I was surprised at the speed at which the cars came out of the bays. Here's the 2nd Red Bull -

The practice is underway.

In previous years when I've been to F1 we've sat on the open hill slopes and the noise is bearable with ear plugs. But this time in the stands (which are the expensive seats) the noise was horrendous as it was trapped by the building and also you are much closer to the track. Of course there are very expensive enclosed boxes which must be nice.

Ferrari going back in

Red Bull approaching the turn by the C hill slope
and the Caterham
McLaren (above)
Screen showing on board camera on Red Bull

I then went to the grandstand.
Looking back at the pits

I'm sure these photographers got far better results than I did with my little digital camera !!

Views from the grandstand -

After an hour the rain arrived so there was a break. A Sauber spun when going home and  managed to get going again in front of Red Bull

The rain didn't last long and the cars were out again in less than 15 minutes. There was quite a lot of spray from the cars.

By now my ears were hurting so I made a move. Lesson learnt - if ever I go again, either take the really cheap hillslope in the hot sun, or if I'm in the expensive seats take proper quality head phones.

There is a helipad by the pit building

Final shots of a group of 5 cars

Going back was a bit of an epic. Firstly the first bus of the afternoon was full but luckily they allowed the next bus to leave when that was full. But the driver didn't know the route and missed the KL Sentral exit, and stayed on the Mex highway along Jln Tun Razak all the way into KL and then on along all the way around KL. Came to the Sentral turn and he missed it and went on towards Cheras then went wrong again before finally  heading back to Sental. The journey took 1 hr 40 mins instead of 1 hour).

That evening my ears were sore, but thankfully were OK by the next morning.