Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cicaks mating

I have lots of cicaks or house geckos sharing my apartment. They seem to be quite territorial. One large one is totally unconcerned by my presence, others are very shy and hide behind pictures whenever I move.

The other night I heard a lot of cicak noise and went to look as I assumed that one was eating another - which I have seen before. However when I looked more closely I realised they were mating.

Over the course of a few hours they mated 3 times and in between they went back to their respective territories. I managed to get some photos although was reluctant to use the flash or to get too close.

I wonder where the eggs will be laid.
Having a rest

Next day I was amused to see a very small (young) cicak near one of the adults - I hope the baby didn't become a meal for the big one!

See also cicak eating a moth.

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Jalan Sultan mural, KL China Town

There was a lot in the press in Oct 2011 about the mural on the wall of a row of old shophouses on Jalan Sultan in China Town in Kuala Lumpur.

The Star 15 Oct "The badly weathered wall exposed following the demolition of six pre-war shophouses in Jalan Sultan 15 years ago will be the canvas of 60 artists at work today.
The original wall
The wall used to be peppered with peeling paint, broken bricks and even shrubs growing out of the gaps, so was primed up for the mural that will spread a loud message — Preserve Our Heritage.

It is deemed the most ideal location for the cause as the wall has been a sombre reminder of the loss of the six invaluable shophouses — including the iconic Chik Sin Thong funeral parlour and Hong Tou Guesthouse.
The artists, among them award-winning veterans and energetic young talents, will be painting the mural together from 9am on a voluntary basis to express their views and emotions about heritage preservation."

Dulux sponsored the paint as well as the cleaning and priming of the wall that took about three days due to the rainy weather.

The event is the highlight of The Star’s Preserve Our Heritage campaign that was started when 30 century-old buildings in Jalan Sultan were acquired to make way for the MRT project.

On the 18th Oct I went to have a look. The idea is great but it is a pity the paintings are so small - each artist is given only a space of 25" x 25".
Even a couple of large stones have been painted -
This 'graffiti' is on a nearby building -

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