Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The hazy sun, Oct 2015

I have already blogged about the awful haze in August and also Oct. Schools in KL are again shut today, 20th Oct, they were shut yesterday as well. According to a BBC TV news report from Kalimantan, the smoke from the burning could go on for another month!!!.

This is how the sun appeared in the afternoon this week in KL

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Haze still here, October 2015

My last blog on the haze was Aug 2015 and although I have updated it, I never expected the haze to last into mid Oct.

It is now Oct 12 and the haze is really bad and making international news, BBC report.

Sat 3 Oct was the worst day in KL when the haze smelt really bad. Even though it rains the haze doesn't lessen. It  needs a good wind to blow it away.

12 Oct

3 Oct

12 Oct

And this is what the view should look like on a clear day

Looking back at previous years, the haze also lasted into Oct in 2014. 



Today the haze got really bad again. This is the sun taken with an ordinary compact camera

And the view today compared to a good day -

Schools were closed again in KL and Selangor and other areas on 19 Oct.

Hoorah........ the haze finally went by the end of Oct and the sky was clear again