Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snatch thefts in Malaysia

Snatch thefts are an increasing problem in Malaysia. It is particularly bad in cities such as KL, Johor and Penang. But other towns also suffer from this problem. It is generally 2 men on a motorbike who snatch the bag of any victim they can find. There have been many injuries and even some fatalities when the person, usually a lady, tries to hold onto the bag and gets dragged by the pillion rider. In some cases even the thieves have been injured or died when crashing after the theft, or have been caught by angry citizens.

I was a victim of such thieves in Miri many years ago. And again more recently in Bangsar outside BSC some time ago. I had just got out of my car and was about to walk off when my bag was grabbed. Luckily I hadn't even had time to put my car keys in the bag. Since that event, I have been very wary when walking anywhere in KL, especially Bangsar. I try not to use a bag now, but if I do, I always make sure I never have rhe bag on the outside of my body, and use one which can strap across my body.

Since that event I am always alert and if I hear a motorbike, I make sure I look to see who is driving, sometimes glaring at some poor innocent rider!

Just 3 months after my loss, I had an attempted snatch. Again it was in Bangsar, and I was walking back to my car from the supermarket. Being alert for bikes since my earlier loss, I got suspicious when I could hear a bike coming behind me. I immediately moved into the side of the road so that I was sheltered by the parked cars. The bike cruised by slowly and I soon reached my car. Luckily I kept my wits about me, and watched the bike, because as I got into my car, the bike which was ahead, turned round and came back towards me. I knew something was up so quickly got into my car and managed to lock the doors (thank goodness for quick locking doors), just as the pillion rider got off the bike, came to my car, and tried to open the passenger door (which was the one next to the road). I looked straight into his eyes as he tried the door, and I was terrified he would damage my car, but he just went back to the bike and they drove off. I was shaking and sat and recovered, then as I drove off about 5 minutes later, I saw the same bike crusiing around. As I had a good description by then, I decided to to go the Bangsar Polis pondok to make a report - this was a total waste of time as the policemen weren't interested and only half heartedly took a statement.

That was some time ago, but snatch thefts are still a problem, and I know of so many people who know of someone who has been a victim. Some thieves are even using cars, and just grab the bag from the open window as they drive past. This is even more dangerous for the victim who is likely to be dragged if not letting go of the bag.

And because of this problem, they have now erected road signs in Bangsar warning of snatch thieves. The signs are only along the main road, they need to put some in the housing areas where the thefts usually occur. Other suburbs of KL also have similiar signs. The 3rd photo is taken from Star warning about pickpockets and snatch thefts.

Some thieves are even using parangs now to attack the victim.

And I was quite surprised to see that Wikipedia even has an entry about Malaysian snatch thefts.

I later saw one sign at Bukit Bintang.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sundog - sunlight effect

When I opened my windows at 8am today, 22 Sept 2009, I noticed a strange light effect in the sky. At first I thought it was a reflection of the sun in my windows, as I often see strange reflections as my windows open at all different angles. When I looked again, I realised I was not looking through the glass, but at the actual sky. At first glance I thought it was a rainbow, but on closer look, could see it was apparently red and orange colours. I assume it was the sun reflecting on something. Incidentally the sun was to the left, at the same height, and hidden by cloud.

The sun is in the far left of the first photo, at the same height as the mystery colours

The effect lasted at least 25 minutes, and was there with and without clouds behind. Maybe someone can explain it.................

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The C Club & Shiseido

I had an invite to a product show by SHISEIDO, and decided to go along, even though I don't use such products. Having been to the fashion show (truly-asian-indulgence) which included a demonstration and free samples from Shiseido, at least I could say I was familiar with some of their products. But I didn't like them, as you can see from the comments on Truly Asian Indulgence.

This event was held in the C-Club in the Pavilion. I've only been to the Pavilion about 3 times and have never shopped there. The C. Club (also known as The Carat Club), is a restaurant cum diamond retail outlet.

 There were a lot less attendees, maybe because it was the eve of Hari Raya, 19 Sept 2009. Those that arrived early had a hand massage with a special moisturiser. I found the same problem, after my hands felt so sticky, and left grease marks when I touched anything.

We then had a demonstration of the Future Solution products and how to use them. To me it was too complicated, cleaning with a foam, then a softener, then a moisturiser (for day or night). This was followed by a showing of the Taj jewellery, which didn't interest me at all.

I plucked up courage to answer one of the competition questions, and although I didn't get the right answer at first and had to be helped, I won a voucher for a facial worth RM250. Wow!

Next was a chance to have some make up done, or skin tested, or eyebrows shaped. I went for the latter, and to be honest didn't see a huge difference when it was done.

I was then taken to the sales table, and a lady tried to sell me a jewellery case with a few small size products, for RM500 - special promotion price. One jar of eye cream was RM480. I said I would consider it!!! And I didn't even bother to look at the displays of jewellery etc.

As soon as lunch was ready, I went for that. This was the highlight. A 3 course meal, upstairs in the C Club restaurant / bar. I had pastrami salad, T-bone steak and cheesecake. Very nice, except the salad only had 1 slither of pastrami, and although my steak was OK, Nadya's was not good (and didn't look like T-bone).

One wall was done as a huge wine rack. The central diamond thingy that went down to the shop floor below was quite stunning. But the plasticky silver bamboo-like chairs were a bit odd, and also some of the cushions were a bit over the top, gold sequins on a gold cushion!
CClub staricase

"diamonds' connect 2 floors

Shiseido products
We were then given a bag of samples. There was shampoo, 'conditioner' and a hair tonic. Various lipsticks. There was the skin range of foam, softerner and moisturiser, one set for day and one for night. I'm typing this having applied the night set, and my face is a greasy oily mess. I really don't like all these skin products. There is no way I can go to bed with all this sticky gunk on my face.

facial voucher, my prize
As I said above, I rarely go to Pavilion and had never eaten there until this week. On Wed, I had lunch with a friend at the Italian On Sixth. And today at C Club, so that's 2 Pavilion lunches in 4 days! Things usually happen in 3s........ so will I get my 3rd lunch at the Pavilion soon???


Pavilion entrance

toilet sign
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunrise part 2

Having posted an album on the sunrise just a few days ago, this morning I noticed that the sun is already rising on the other side of the condo. This change has happened in just 10 days. So presumably the earth's movement is equivalent to the width of the condo in 10 days!

The first 5 photos show the sun rising to the right of the condo, on 14th Sept,

and the next 4 photos show the sun rising to the left of the condo on 4th Sept.

Unfortunately I wasn't up in time to take photos of the sunrise on the 21st, the Autumn equinox. However when I looked out half an hour later, the sun was definitely to the right of the condo. Now I will have to follow it over the next few weeks, to see if it continues its journey to the right until the winter solstice as mentioned by Jan below. OK..... I know the sun doesn't move, it's the earth that moves, so in fact we are moving left, not the sun moving right!!!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hot springs Simpang Pulai

Seeing Jan's photos of the dam at Lubuk Timah in Perak, I realised I hadn't posted the photos I took on a visit in February 2007.

My visit was to the hot springs, with some pupils and staff from the Penang International School. The springs are near Simpang Pulai, south of Ipoh, in Perak.

The springs are on the Sungai Anak Ayer China. The water is hot, and it is nice just to sit with ones feet in the specially constructed area. 

peaceful river

looking upriver

Following the river upstream leads to a dam across the river. I thought this was Lubuk China from the name of the river, but Jan calls it Lubuk Timah. That makes sense from the history of the place.

more people go in

I was interested in learning the history of this dam. I read that "in 1924, a dam for retaining tailings was erected on the Sungei Senju above Pulai, featuring 'a masonry arch sloping forward and 40 feet high'. This was claimed as the first dam of its kind in the country". This is obviously this dam, as the river is marked on the topo map as flowing through the Sinju reserve. And apparently the nearby quarry workers used the dam for recreation.

looking downriver

On our visit, we all enjoyed a swim in the pools at the bottom of the dam and reservoir. However there is now a warning sign in place, shown in Jan's album.

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