Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010 Mid Valley & Gardens

I got caught up in the Christmas mood at Mid Valley and joined the crowds taking photos of the displays. Mid Valley has done a good job this year, with toys as the theme FunToystic. Apart from the central display there are decorations throughout the ground floor. In contrast, the Gardens seems quite plain in comparison, although the decorations are very tasteful, with a green and white hanging garden theme. Surprisingly there is no central display.

Visiting Father Christmas in Mid Valley was a bit like a production line. Families bought tickets, their money actually going as a donation to a childrens' home in Taman Seputeh. Then they lined up, were all given a colourful hat, then spent a very short time with Santa and his santarinas.

Nativity at TGIF

The Gardens

The Gardens

The next photos are Mid Valley -

lots of toys

drum is where Santa sits

big teddies
let it snow!

Malays posing

more Malays posing


Europe is covered in snow

but no snow in Malaysia

pink octopus

Christmas poinsetta

snowing tree

looks Arabian!
child with plastic toys

Christmas goodies

ther Christmas has arrived

Christmas muffins

sand quarrying and landfill, Dengkil, Selangor

After visiting the tin dredge we drove back towards Dengkil, and turned off to see an area of sand quarrying. There was so much activity and a convoy of trucks going in and out.
It was quite a barren site.
As we left, we passed this factory and wonder what kind of fats they deal in

We then drove through Dengkil, and turned left onto a rough track. This led us to an area of lakes, sand quarrying and a landfill site. We went past several ponds, all of different colours.

The Worldwide landfill was interesting, lots of trucks going in and out, even a security van was unloading rubbish. Lots of workers who seemed to be recycling. The landfill advertised its www and is obviously doing a legit job, with nothing to hide! As we drove to it we had a good view back across to the dredge.
The landfill and the security van unloading!
Recycling centre. What a load.....
View of the dredge
There was a storm coming -
The dredge from across the lake

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